"Sticker, Sticker on the wall - who is the fairest one of all" is an archive of stickers and inspiration.
It is a non-profit art and design project, developed for the creative mentorship Program from OFFF Academy powered by Adobe.

The idea is to give stickers new attention and a new place.
Stickers are made to stick, to spread their message. Many stickers lie in dusty boxes in attics and basements.
But even this collection is already gathering dust on a hard drive.
So the purpose of this platform is to bring the stickers back to life. To provide an archive from which you can draw inspiration for your own creative work.

Sticker Sticker on the wall should become an archive of inspiration for new modern works to complement your own creative work with old elements.

If you create something new inspired by the stickers, please share the result and tag @stickerstickeronthewall or send the finished result to: info@stickerstickeronthewall.com    

Please use the collection only for non-profit / non-commercial projects!!!

If you have stickers you would like to see here then email me: info@stickerstickeronthewall.com

Special Thanks to my Mentor Liza Enebeis from Studio Dumbar.

If you are the designer of one of the stickers, please write to me and I can add credits to the page.

Project by Anne Krieger (www.annekriii.com)
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